Policies and Cancellations

Please Print This Page the following policies for your records for your Maggie Valley Vacation Rental.

Check-in-time – Check-in time is 3PM (or when unit is clean during peak season see below). On Saturdays or after hours: use the lock box outside the office door. If arriving after normal business hours, please call 3 days prior to arrival to obtain the code for the lock box. We strongly recommend that you arrive before sundown, if possible, to avoid looking for your rental unit in the dark. Confirmed early check-ins may incur a fee. Ask for details.

Check-out-time – Check-out time is before 10AM on the last date on your Reservation Confirmation, unless prior arrangements have been made with Maggie Mountain Vacations. Check-out time cannot be extended if the unit is a back to back reservation (mainly during peak season). Guests not checked out in time will be charged an additional $50.00 per hr. There could be an additional service charge if housekeeping makes a trip to the rental unit and you are late vacating the property. When leaving the unit, please follow the checkout policy posted on the refrigerator unit. All keys are to be returned to Maggie Mountain Vacations. If after hours and the office is closed, keys should be placed in the return key lock box. No refunds shall be issued for early checkouts. Confirmed late checkouts may incur a fee. Ask for details.

Peak Season Check-ins – Between 3PM and 5PM, guests should expect delays in checking in due to heavy seasonal renting of units. Information shall not be given to guest until all units have been cleaned and inspected. So you can enjoy your stay in the area, we will provide you with the lock box code (see “Late Arrivals”) to further expedite your check-in.

Late Arrivals – Guests that are planning to arrive after office hours will have the responsibility of calling the office 3 days prior to check-in for the lock box code and verify the number of vehicles arriving separately (if any). The lock box code will only be given to the person listed on the Reservation Confirmation due to safety. It shall be the responsibility of that person to provide the code and directions to any and all other guests that will be arriving late or separately in the party. Rental packets will be provided with maps and keys for any and all guests planning to arrive after hours, providing all balances due have been paid in full and we have the signed lease agreement in hand prior to arrival date.

Maps & Keys – If your stay with us includes meeting others, who will be arriving separately, let us know and extra packets with the map and keys will be included. Under no circumstances will maps be faxed in advanced. It shall be the responsibility of the person listed on the Reservation Confirmation to provide directions to Maggie Mountain Vacations and the check-in procedures.

Forms of Payment – At the time of your reservation, prepaid rent must be placed on a MasterCard or Visa to confirm the reservation unless other arrangements are made. No personal checks are accepted on the day of arrival for rental payment. Only credit cards, cash, money orders or secured funds are accepted. All reservations must be paid in full 60 days prior to check-in unless other arrangements have been made. Last minute reservations less than 60 days of arrival must be paid in full at time of reservation.

Reservation Fee – There will be a $55.00 (fifty-five) non-refundable fee at time of reservation (taxes apply).
Returned Check Fee – A $35.00 (thirty-five) service charge (per check) will apply to all returned checks. Pets – Most rental units do not allow pets. The units that do permit pets allow dogs only and require a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 (one hundred) per pet and reservation. Pre-authorization must be obtained for pets other than dogs. Pets brought into rental units without prior permission from Maggie Mountain Vacations will be charged $200.00 (two hundred) per pet and lose the right to tenancy without any recourse of a refund. Please inquire at time of reservation on rental unit.

Service Animals – Any person(s) with hearing, mobility, or visually impaired disability have the right to be accompanied by the assistance of a service animal. A person qualifies by showing a tag issued by the North Carolina (or other state) Department of Human Resources, or documentation that the animal is trained as an assistance (service) animal.

Spa Fee – For the enjoyment and safety of our guest, your hot tub is drained and cleaned between 6AM and 11AM on the morning of your arrival. This could mean a delay in using the hot tub on the first evening of your stay, although most will reheat within 6 to 8 hours with the cover in place. The health and safety of our tenants is our first priority, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Fees are a one time charge per reservation and are applicable whether or not the spa is used. We appreciate your understanding.

Prepaid Rent – The prepaid rental deposit will be credited towards your total with the balance due 60 days prior to check-in. Reservations for 30 days or longer must be paid in full 60 days prior to check-in.

Trip Interruption and Cancellation Insurance – Trip Insurance is available as an option on each reservation. The fee for the insurance is 7.0% of nonrefundable charges. Trip Interruption and Cancellation Insurance must be paid for with initial deposit to receive extra benefits. Trip Insurance can be purchased up to final payment or 60 days prior to arrival whichever comes first. Maggie Mountain Vacations receives a portion of this fee for processing the insurance purchase. The policy provides trip cancellation and interruption insurance, emergency assistance and travel services, coverage for lack of snow and road closure, job loss, and family emergencies such as illness or death in the family as well as emergency medical coverage while on your trip. Maggie Mountain Vacations and the home owners they represent do not refund in the event of evacuation for severe weather. RENTERS MUST HAVE TRIP INTERRUPTION INSURANCE FOR REIMBURSEMENT DUE TO MANDATORY EVACUATIONS. For more information on this insurance plan, please click here.

Cancellation Policy – Vacation Rental Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance is highly recommended. RedSky Travel Insurance Trip Preserver is made available with each reservation through Maggie Mountain Vacations. If you must cancel a reservation, telephone our office as soon as possible. All cancellations will incur a $100.00 plus tax processing fee. Sixty (60) days prior to arrival date the reservation becomes non-refundable. If the property is re-rented for the original vacation rental agreement amount, tenant will receive a refund of the advance rental payment less $100.00 cancellation fee and the $55.00 reservation fee (taxes apply). If the property is not re-rented, no refund will be paid. Guests renting a vacation home for a thirty (30) day stay or longer will incur a $100.00 plus tax processing fee for cancellations. Reservations that are for thirty (30) days or longer are considered non-refundable sixty (60) days prior to arrival date. Trip Insurance premiums are non-refundable. A confirmed reservation that transfers to a different home is considered a cancellation with applicable cancellation policy.

Forfeitures – See sections on Pets, Trash, Checkout time, and Guest Responsibilities.

Refunds – There are no expressed or implied guarantees regarding refunds. We make every effort to keep appliances and amenities such as grills, hot tubs, VCR/DVD players and fireplaces are in good working order; however, sometimes things do break. We will work as quickly as possible to make all repairs during working hours. There will be no refunds due to appliance, water, power or TV failure etc. There are no refunds for early check-outs. Please notify our office as soon as problems arise or are found.

You have the option of paying a non-refundable Damage Deposit Waiver fee OR you may decline the waiver fee in favor of a traditional Refundable Damage Deposit. The Damage Deposit Waiver fee is not an available options for reservations that are staying thirty (30) days or longer.
Damage Deposit Waiver – Damage Deposit Waiver payments must be paid at the time of reservation. The waiver fee of $50 covers you and your family for accidental damage, with a limit of $500, to the rental unit during your stay. You will be responsible for any damage above that amount. The waiver does not cover intentional damage, damages resulting from non-compliance with the terms of this Agreement, or damages resulting from negligence of guest. All guests must leave the rental unit in an undamaged condition and are responsible for the damages and repair costs or extra cleaning. Guests must report all damages and problems immediately. Guests are also responsible for any missing items from the rental unit and their replacement cost. Pet damage is the responsibility of the guest. If you choose to decline the Damage Deposit Waiver, a Refundable Damage Deposit will be included in the charges for your reservation.

Refundable Damage Deposit – A Refundable Damage Deposit is required so that the Home Owner can reasonably recover costs of damages incurred accidentally or willfully by a guest(s). The standard Refundable Damage Deposit is $350 per unit. The Refundable Damage Deposit must be paid by cash, check, or money order. Damage Deposits cannot be charged to a credit card unless the management has expressly authorized this form of payment. Please be aware that if you place your refundable deposit on your credit card, there is a 6% surcharge which is calculated from the security deposit total. Refundable Damage Deposits are held in accordance with the Tenant Security Deposit Act and the Vacation Rental Act and are either returned in full within 45 days after check-out or accounted for if there are any charges to the Damage Deposit. Pet damage is the responsibility of the guest.

Guest Responsibilities – Furnishings include cooking and eating utensils and all linens. The guest is responsible for all paper products, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, coffee filters, aluminum and plastic wraps, along with all soap products (dish, washing, and bath soaps). All of our guests are required to wash, dry, and put away all dishes, including dishes from the dishwasher. Remove all items from the refrigerator and dispose of all the trash. (See Cleaning and Trash)

Cleaning & Trash – All trash must be removed from your unit before check-out. A map is enclosed in the Reservation Confirmation package for trash drop off.  All trash left in the unit will be assessed an additional $50.00 (fifty) for removal. This will be charged to the credit card number that is on file. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE TRASH IN YOUR UNIT!

Phone – Many rental units have local telephone service (number included in each rental package). Guests are responsible for all long distance calls either by calling cards or personal cell phones. All rental units have long distance block. Emergency calls after hours are to be directed to the Haywood County EMS at 911.

Internet – Many of our units provide Internet; however, some do not. It is the responsibility of the guest to request this upon making a reservation. “Available” on our website indicates that Internet service is available through a local company.  Poor weather conditions may result in service interruption.

Heat/AC – When you leave your unit for the day, please check the thermostats and leave at a sensible temperature for your return. Upon check out, all heat and air units should be adjusted according to season. The heat should never be completely turned off in the cold weather due to freezing of water lines.

Fireplace, Campfires – Please make certain that your wood burning fireplace damper is open before lighting. Fires must be completely out before leaving for any reason. NO campfires are allowed unless there is an already designated prepared campfire spot.

Occupancy – North Carolina law permits (2) two persons per bedroom in units served by septic systems. Misrepresentation by tenants will result in immediate eviction with no recourse of refund. NO HOUSE PARTIES! Any disturbances at rental units are subject to termination immediately without refund by policies of Maggie Mountain Vacations.

Non-Smoking – All units are non-smoking unless otherwise noted. Tenants that smoke inside units will be charged $100 and will be responsible for any other damage associated from the result of the smoke. (To be charged to the credit card on file).

Satellite/Cable TV – Most rental units have cable TV or satellite with the movie rental access blocked. Our recommendation would be to rent movies locally. Poor weather conditions may result in service interruption.

Forgotten Items – Maggie Mountain Vacations is NOT responsible for items left or misplaced by tenants. A service fee of $25 (twenty-five) plus the cost of shipping will be charged for returning personal property.

Convenience Stores/Beverages – There are local convenience stores in the area where groceries and other necessities can be purchased. Alcoholic beverages may also be purchased locally within the city limits.

Keys – If all keys are not returned, the tenant will be charged $12.50 per key lost. A $30 remote replacement fee will be charged for lost remotes.

Water – Many of our rental units have private wells. Please conserve water as much as possible.

Routine Maintenance – It may be necessary for maintenance to perform minor repairs. Guests are not required to be on the premises for repairs. We will make every effort to call in advance to inform guests of these repairs if any.

Recreational Vehicles – NO trailers, campers, or motor homes may be parked at any rental unit for additional sleeping space or additional housing. Call the office for details.

Eviction – According to Section 42A-23 of the NC Vacation Rental Act, a tenant staying 30 (thirty) days or less any be evicted in an expedited eviction proceeding if the tenant does any of the following: (1) Holds over possession after his/her tenancy has expired; (2) Commits a material breach of terms of the vacation rental agreement that, according to the terms of the agreement, results in the termination of his/her tenancy; (3) Fails to pay rent as required by the agreement; (4) Obtains possession of the property by fraud or misrepresentation.

Weather – During winter visits, find and stay tuned to TV/Radio/Weather stations for storm warnings or watches. It is the guest’s responsibility to make needed preparations and take necessary precautions. We will assist if possible. Four-wheel (4×4) drive is always good to have during the winter months for better access to our rental units.

Staff Emergency Numbers – The rental maintenance number will be enclosed in each rental package in case of after hour issues, please call our staff at 828-400-4007. There will be a $35.00 (thirty-five) fee charged for all after hour calls when emergency staff is to be dispatched through no fault of Maggie Mountain Vacations. This will be charged to the credit card on file.

General Statement – Information contained herein is considered to be accurate and truthful. Maggie Mountain Vacations assumes no responsibility and shall have no liability whatsoever for errors, including without limitations, typographical errors and/or omissions. Rates, furnishings, amenities, and policies are subject to change without notice. In the event an owner chooses for any reason to remove his/her unit from the rental program, every effort will be made to contact the guest with as much advance notice as possible. Similar accommodations will be made available or your deposit will be fully refunded.
Maggie Mountain Vacations is not responsible or liable to guests for loss or theft on any or all of the guests’ (including invitees) personal property, accidents, injury or damage of any nature from any cause or acts of God, weather, road, travel, or skiing conditions or any other recreational activities, and items removed or changed in the unit by owners.


Maggie Mountain Vacations conducts business in Accordance with the FEDERAL FAIR HOUSING LAW (The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988)